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“You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire or purpose, which you wish transformed in a concrete form.” – Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich).

If you have been interested in the law of attraction, you may have heard the term “creative visualization.” What does it actually mean and what is the best way to use it in order to get results? If you are not familiar with this term, it is a process where you engage your higher faculties to see something in your ‘mind’s eye’ as if you are watching a movie. These images are generally made up of things we have already experienced and things we have seen others experience or have, which we would like to experience or have ourselves.

Our natural state is to be healthy, wealthy and wise. This is what is generally referred to as abundance. However, very often we stand in our own way as a result of the composite of our thoughts and feelings. Every day, we are surrounded by and experience a multitude of stimuli. Our subconscious mind voluntarily and naturally soaks up the negative impulses of our thoughts and feelings. We have to consciously and deliberately plant the positive thought impulses into our subconscious mind. I hear you say it is not fair; why should the negative thought impulses travel so effortlessly into our subconscious mind? The answer is simple: the subconscious mind is the emotional part of who we are and thought impulses that mixed with emotion get in there easily and quickly. We tend to hold strong emotions with negative thought impulses than we do around positive ones – that’s the reason.

Believe it or not, there is a ridiculously powerful way which you can use to put your creative visualization on autopilot: using your higher faculties. Everyone has 6 intellectual (higher) faculties, which separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom. One of them is the Imagination. It is your imagination that allows you to day-dream or fantasise. Without the imagination nothing can be created and so through the imagination you can create the life you want, hold that image strongly and allow yourself to see and take the actions necessary to manifest it. That’s the law of attraction in action.

Through visualisation, you feed the mind with what you want and you are effectively placing an order with the universe (the subconscious mind) of what you want. Everything you see around you was created twice; first in someone’s imagination before it is brought into form (reality) – the computer you are reading from, your phone, TV, car, house, airplane you fly in, trains, etc. If you understand and accept this process, then you will see the importance of visualisation in creating the reality you want.

Visualisation is not a one shot wonder. To be successful in using it, it is important to create calm and order in the mind. Imagine going into your office and everything is in a state of chaos – your desk is a mountain of rubbish, papers and files. Do you think your level of productivity will be high in that situation?  The same principle applies to creative visualisation. Your subconscious mind responds according to the level of sensory input that you feed it with. This means that actual visual stimuli must be mixed with calm orderly picture of your desire. This exercise requires discipline and persistence. At first, you may experience distractions but with persistence, the picture you are imagining will become crystal clear.

This exercise works best first thing in the morning as you wake up and last thing at nigh just before you start drifting off to sleep, for about 10 minutes. This is the time when your subconscious mind is most reception and you conscious mind is less active. As Napoleon Hill stressed in the opening paragraph, you have to voluntarily hand over to your subconscious mind that which you desire, by deliberately picturing your desire and carefully nurturing it with emotion instead of allowing the negative thought impulses you do not desire to get in there first.

Want to attract better health, more wealth and prosperity? Your dream romance? Your dream career? Good news, you have the power within you to do so by using your imagination and visualisation process to create it first. Then allow yourself to attract the right actions that will bring your dream into fruition. The law of attraction is not about just wishing, it is about allowing the right thought impulses to engulf your subconscious mind and using your imagination to create first the results you imagine and then the right opportunities to make them happen.

I would like to end with a poignant quote from Orison Swett Marden, which beautifully summarises this article: “All men and women who have achieved great things have been dreamers, and what they have accomplished has been just in proportion to the vividness, the energy and persistency with which they visualise their ideals; held to their dreams and struggled to make them come through.”  (Miracle of Right Thought)

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