3 Habits to Ensure Consistent Success

Success Mindset _ filomenaThere are many reasons why new year resolutions, goals and dreams do not work out and generally, a lot of people bail out less than half way through. A classic example is gym membership at the beginning of January and what happens by the first week in March.

Successful people never quit no matter how seemingly difficult the situation. They are willing and ready to endure. They usually believe in their ability to figure things out and if they can’t, are willing to seek counsel and learn from others. This willingness to learn sets them apart and gives them better skills to excel.

The notion of quitting when things get tough originates from our belief system, which has been conditioned in us from an early age. Without intentionally meaning to do so, these beliefs create frustrations in our lives. How? Because many beliefs are lies we have been told and we repeat to ourselves – over and over. And because they are lies, we seldom have good back up plans to see them through.

Let’s look at a few examples:

“I will start getting up an hour early every day from tomorrow.” Tomorrow comes and you set the alarm an hour early as planned. When the alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button repeatedly or even throw away the instrument that provides the alarm. Failure and frustration #1.

“I have decided to join the gym in order to lose weight and get back into shape.” You go the first week conscientiously. The second week you decide to skip Monday and go on Wednesday. Wednesday comes you decide to skip it and go Saturday. Before you know it, you begin to skip the whole week, then the month, then never. Failure and frustration #2

“I will stop procrastinating making decisions.” You have piles of emails and letters from your clients waiting for answers and you decide you will deal with them tomorrow because “xyz” happened and you are short of staff, excuse #1 happened followed by excuse #2. By Day 5 your clients are tired of waiting and go elsewhere for a better service. Failure and frustration #3.

Generally people make flippant agreements with themselves with no strong backup plan or decision to carry it through. Deep down, there is no conviction or truth behind what they say and sadly, they are not always aware of this.

Everything is controlled by two things in particular; deep desire (how much you truthfully want something), and giving yourself a command and keeping it. When you fail to keep the command, you make yourself a victim and lose control, thus failure and frustration.

When you feel frustrated, you cannot tell the wood for the trees. People tend to blame circumstances for the lies they tell themselves in the first place through the belief systems.

So what habits do you need to bring into your life to ensure consistency throughout the year and beyond:

  1. Engage fully with what you say and do; give yourself a command and keep it. Make common sense common practice;
  2. Be willing to endure (persistence). Develop a winning mindset nettle. Anticipate challenges and difficulties in whatever goal you have set and decide how you will deal with them when they arise because difficulties will surely arise. Remember there’s a season for sowing and a season for reaping and both never happen at the same time.
  3. Adopt the attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for experiences that come your way. When you are in a state of gratitude, you are able to draw satisfaction from the journey. You can accept a situation you don’t like without feeling frustrated so that ultimately you enjoy the scenery as you make your journey.