Below are some of the comments and feedback from people that have experienced or attended one of my programmes


Really enjoyed the day. Chuka is a great teacher and the tools we learnt for creating a positive self image will take me to the next step in achieving my goals and existing vision.

Sandra R, London

This seminar has enable me to think more deeply about how to go about setting up my business and maintaining focus, how to eliminate negative energy and take advantage of the opportunity the environment offers when I think positively.

I am resolved now to delve into my business having been energised with all the information I received from this seminar.

I got something most particular about repeating my desire to my subconscious to make it real to me and give me positive energy.

Rita N, London

Chuka is an amazing mentor, she has the ability to explain things clearly without confusing me. I found the course inspiring & informative. It was a mind blowing course that everyone should go on!! It will enrich your life.

Sara F, Essex

At first I felt I had it all and didn’t need anybody or coach. Although we didn’t hit it off immediately, looking back, you are one of the most patient but persistent people I have met. Your kindness turned me round. Thank you for bearing with me, your insights helped me to become a better person and manager although the journey was far from easy…

Troy K, London

Before we began our sessions, I always thought that my overcrowded mind which has so many desires will never be controlled or achieved. I learned from you make my goals achievable and reduce overwhelm. I have done more in 18 months than anything I have achieved in my entire adult life. Thank you for your guidance and patience.

Tami S-B, London

It was very amazing to learn that my thoughts have been holding me back from moving forward despite my talents which everybody tells me about. Chuka you helped me to see how my attitude is affecting me. Our work on my values and mindset clarified a lot of fogs I build around me. I have been able to take a significant step in my personal life. The next target is my career.

Kirsty B, Glasgow

Thanks Chuka and the TIR, I have developed the confidence to move my team to a huge success over the last year. I could never have imagined that 18 months ago. I highly recommend this programme; it is your friend for life.

Georgina R, Dorset

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