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Coaching is about enabling you to take a skilfully guided journey of self-discovery towards gaining the clarity you need to move forward and achieve your goals.

Typically, as coaches are not counsellors or therapists, they don’t usually delve deep into childhood issues, give advice or tell clients what actions they take. Coaches are seen as enablers. Through their selective and gently directed questioning, the client finds the inspiration and insight to remove any blocks holding them back from fulfilling their aspirations.

In this way, the coaching professional will help you to change your mindset, generate lasting solutions, actions and strategies.

Coaching in different settings according to your needs

One to One, group and online coaching available

Vision in Success provides flexibility in delivering coaching programmes according to your needs and budget.

(a) Personal performance coaching:

A bespoke one to one coaching programme that is tailored uniquely to the client’s needs. This suits those who wish to focus on one specific issue over a three month duration with a minimum of 6 coaching sessions. Our approach is always to start from the root cause of the issues people encounter in life – we work from “inside-out” to bring about effective change. One to one coaching can also be delivered online. Online offers the convenience of being able to link in with your coach at home or at work at a time that suits, thus avoiding travel to other venues.

(b) Group coaching/workshops

Thinking into Results, Coaching for Business Entrepreneurs and Personal Performance programmes

These workshops are usually a gathering of highly motivated people who are time challenged and are looking for a quick impact, utilising the huge power of a group to make significant shifts – whether in business, career or personal life. This is not a conference, it’s an experience that combines deep connections with extraordinary people, generating and sharing ideas, experience amazing fun and deep life-changing transformation. Group coaching programmes are frequently delivered online which proves very convenient for those taking part.


How long and often are sessions?

We work with clients either in person, on the phone, or Skype/Facetime depending on location. The sessions are usually an hour long. The first two sessions are weekly to begin with, followed by fortnightly intervals. As the client’s confidence and self-image grows, they can move to any intervals or pace that suits them.

If you would like further details please do not hesitate to contact Chuka and she will answer any further questions that you may have regarding your own unique circumstances. You can also call on +44 (0) 330 330 3064


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