Inspired by a curiosity to explore and understand the untapped human potential and its infinite possibilities, Chuka devotes her time to working on her own continuous personal development and her dedication to transformational coaching, which is her passion.

With a degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Ergonomics, Chuka has worked at senior executive level in both large public sector organisations and in smaller private sector settings before moving on to working in alignment with her passion. She is a certified coach and Thinking Into Results facilitator from the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Chuka’s favoured approach is to ‘partner’ with clients to achieve life-changing inner shifts to limiting beliefs. Her work approach delves into the source of most people’s challenges – the mind and the mindset. In pursuing this ‘partnership’ approach, she uses proven techniques that ensure success that lasts. She particularly loves supporting individuals in building their personal confidence and self image.

She works with a team of highly gifted associates to help their clients to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives, as well as achieving the success they desire. Their passion and commitment is to unleash the full potential of their clients.

Her clients share her passion, as one of them poignantly stated here: I end with a word of gratitude to the most amazing woman that I have come across in many years…Chuka Agbasiere. A massive Thank You, Chuka, for your sharp intellect, your good humour, your empathy with others, the selfless way in which you impart knowledge onto others…and for your most beautiful and amazing spirit. You are truly inspirational!” – Yvonne F

When she is not coaching, Chuka loves singing and is actually a member of a famous choir! She loves rambling (long walks that is!) and travelling.

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